Movies: Yuga Khan, Darkseid's dad, in the Communion BvS clip

Yuga-Khan-Darkseids-dad-seen-in-Communion-BVS.jpeg ALOT of people have seen the new clip from WB called Communion which basically details what happened to Lex Luthor in between the Doomsday fight and him going to jail.

So the question is... Who the hell is that guy? It can only be one of these two people:

  • Steppenwolf, Darkseid's uncle
  • Yuga Khan, Darkseid's dad

Both of whom, Darkseid shits on. Darkseid kills Yuga while he treats Steppenwolf like a mere minion.

Communion - Yuga Khan 1.jpg

As we can see, he is wearing a horny helmet, is menacing and has three mother boxes. Since the video is called communion, which basically means an exchange of intimate thoughts and feelings on a spiritual level. Lets just say that he isn't exactly directly communicating but worshiping on some level? This would mean that it is just a playback as he IS trying to gain new information from the Kryptonian computer.

The only reason that it might be Steppenwolf is because his look has been updated in the New 52.

steppenwolf new 52

Steppenwolf is Darkseid's uncle which means that he is a New God with immortality and super strength.

Aside from looks, there would be no reason as to why this could be Steppenwolf. Why would he have three mother boxes? He is a general but he would have no reason to have these mother boxes at all. And he is not historical enough to warrant an archival in Kryptonian logs.

This is why I think Yuga Khan has got to be the one in the video.

yuga khan new 52

Look at this facial comparison:

yuga khan communion comparison

It would make more sense for the playback to show Yuga Khan as he is way more powerful than Darkseid. Not forgetting that if this is a playback for historical purposes then this would show how Darkseid dethroned him and took over Apocalypse.

This would showcase how big a problem Darkseid can be.

Yuga Khan.