Unreleased Beta SNES version of Rayman found!


Rayman creator, Michel Ancel, instagrammed a screenshot of a beta unfinished Rayman Game for the Super Nintendo. Thought lost till today. It was sitting format for almost 25 years till Michel Ancel posted proof of the EPROM that contained the game and the game on screen.

“michelancel: Incroyable !!!! We have found the old unique Rayman SNES ROM !!!! It was sleeping for 24 years ..... Time to wake it up !!!!”

Adding to this news, Michel Ancel stated that they would create a version of the game for the Nintendo Switch.

“michelancel: It's working !!!! 4 people in the world have seen this . We thought it was lost , but somewhere in the cold electronic circuit , something was still alive . and running at full 60fps !!! should do a Switch version of this 😂”


“michelancel: Pixel lovers ... Did this 25 years ago , the game was playable on the Super nintendo console but was never finished + We've lost the build . All these pixels are lost , like tears in the rain …”

Awesome, I really do hope that they do release this on the Nintendo Switch.