TV Shows - The Flash -Opal City?

Before we continue, let us remember that Cisco was at a disco: THAT aside, we were made known that Jesse "Quick" is heading to Opal City:

I know it has been a while but what this means is that we MIGHT get to see a few superheroes such as:

  • STARMAN (and his family or descendants)
  • Clarence O'Dare and the O'Dare family (all police officers)
  • Ted & Jack Knight (Starman with Ted being the OG Starman and Jack being the son)
  • Mikaal Tomas (another Starman)
  • Black Condor (Ryan Kendall)
  • The Shade
  • Ralph and Sue Dibny (The PRIMO DC Couple. The best couple in the world.)

Ralph_Sue_Dibny 01

Ralph Dibny is the Elongated man. Unfortunately, he was one of the fourteen people who died during the particle accelerator explosion. This was mentioned in The Flash Season 1 Episode 7. Since Ronnie Raymond survived the explosion, I do hope that all of those who 'died' in the explosion survived. If they do then we will have 12 extra superheroes! Most of those who died in the explosion are actually superheroes in the comics (Nuklon, Damage, OG Amazing Man & Fire to name a few).

Wait a minute... Nuklon, a.k.a Atom Smasher.. Al Rothstein was shown in the following season to have been on a honeymoon when the damn thing exploded. So could Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash be lying about the list? Could Ralph Dibny be alive and well in Opal City? Living life as a detective with Sue Dibny? Will they adopt Jesse Quick? Will Jesse inherit the Starman Lance thingie? Nope... We can only hope.