Trailer Analysis of Rogue One A Star Wars Story 1


So the teaser trailer landed and everyone went batshit crazy. Here is the analysis that we have of the teaser trailer:


  • Felicity Jones - Jyn Erso
  • Donnie Yen - Blind guy who kicks ass. Daredevil IN SPACE.
  • Forest Whitaker - Eel Leader, Bounty hunter
  • Mad Mikkelsen - Galen
  • Not sure about the names of the other dudes
  • Ben Mendelsohn - Grand Admiral (Thrawn?)

Things to note:

  • Genevieve O'Reilly is BACK as Mon Mothma after having been cut out of Revenge of The Sith.
  • Ben Mendelsohn is the main Imperial office bad guy. Is from ISB, Imperial Security Bereau. How we know this? He is basically wearing white.
  • Mad Mikkelsen is not a bad guy in this movie and his character's name is Galen. Galen Malek anyone? Doubt so. (we got this from his interview)
  • The movie is set before A New Hope. (duh)
  • Jyn Erso is the one that they will depend on the most to pull off this Death Star Plan heist. Why can't they just blow it up?!
  • DEATHTROOPERS. Black Storm Trooper Elite.
  • Alot of Sandtroopers and old school Clone War Troopers.

What else is there? Who is Jyn Erso?

The closest person that we can connect with is Jyn Odan.

Jyn Odan

Jyn Odan is a Sly Smuggler from Imperial Assault, a board game. She is just a player character so she doesn't have much of a story.

What we do find out about Jyn Erso is that she can forge documents, steal and put up a good fight.

People are hoping that she is Rey's mom but it is unlikely because she is destined to die eventually. Unless Rey is a force baby like Anakin Skywalker then it MIGHT be possible... but only if she lives. Which means a definite No.

One other thing is Ben Mendelsohn's character. He could be acting as Grand Admiral Thrawn!!

One can only hope BUT it could just be similar uniforms. Maybe Thrawn might take over once this character dies at the hands of the ruthless rebellion.