Speculation: Star Wars: Ezra is Snoke


to be updated: Update 30/03/2015:

Ezra is able to open up a Sith Holocron that can only be open by a Sith. (Final episode of Star Wars Rebels Season 2)

Ezra is Snoke


  • blue eyes
  • nose
  • lips
  • face shape

Basically his face and his age would be about there by the time the force awakens happens.

Ezra has felt the pull of the dark side and has been shown to be adept and force manipulating animals and one force sensitive baby.

Plus Ezra comes across the crossguard lightsaber is Star Wars Rebels Season 2. From that trailer, we can speculate that he will meet Darth Maul and if he does go to the dark side then he may train under Darth Maul.

If he does go over to the dark side then he may kill Kannan or someone might kill Kannan and he will go all rage.

ezra lightsaber crossguard

Snoke is supposedly not a Sith.

Against this theory:

  • Is Ezra still alive? did he go to the dark side or is he in the middle like Mace Windu?
  • Ezra will have to go through quite a growth spurt to reach Snoke's height.
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