The Flash: Season 2 Ep20 - The Garricks, Wally & Jesse


So the episode let loose a few interesting things:

  • Barry's Grandma's maiden name is Garrick
  • Wally & Jesse were exposed to the exploive speed force

The Garricks

Henry Allen was taken aback when Barry said Jay Garrick and he responded that Garrick was his mom's maiden name.

What this means to me is that Barry has Garrick blood in him. Which also brings forth my favorite speculation:

That the man in the iron mask is a garrick and it could definitely be John Wesley Shipp. Maybe John Wesley Shipp IS Jay Garrick?

New Speedsters

Everyone knows that Wally West and Jesse Quick will be speedsters.

A further push on this arc is that these two were exposed to the speedforce when Barry exploded.

Can't wait for the next episode!!!