The Flash | Is the New Harrison Wells really from Earth-19?


We were recently introduced to the New Harrison Wells who hails from Earth 19 (aside from the other three):

  1. Cowboy Wells (Possibly Earth-18)
  2. Steampunk Wells (Stated as Earth-17)
  3. French Wells (Earth-?)
  4. Hipster Wells (Earth-19?)

The funny thing is that the Hip Earth is Earth 16.


Earth-2 wells does not trust him and we'll have to wait to see if his distrust and gut feeling proves that Hipster Wells is evil.

According to DC Comics:

Earth 17: A world wasted by nuclear war. This does NOT fit Steampunk Wells.

Earth 18: is the Wild West universe. This fits Cowboy Wells so we have to assume that he comes from here.

Earth 19: Earth Gaslight. The same earth with Gaslight batman. Mostly Steampunk style stuff which fits Steampunk Wells.


Earth-18, Earth-19Unfortunately, the Arrowverse takes liberties so we gotta trust Cisco Ramon that Hipster Wells is from Earth-19. Maybe Earth-19 is Earth-Hipster in the Arrowverse?

Only time will tell.