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Singapore Toy, Game and Comic convention came and went but not without leaving us wanting more in both positive and negative ways.

The Cosplayers came by in droves, segmented by their anime series and superheroes. Anime-nuts came in their high quality home made gear while the superheroes were... mmmm... good. 501st Legion are not counted as they are in a league of their own, even more so when they came down in support of KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Anyone able to identify this?

The highlight as usual was the main stage and the hot toys section as usual.

Hot toys blew us again as usual

The stalls seemed fewer than previous years but that could be due to the rising rental prices. With only two comics stalls were around even though there were a couple of comic book writers and artists who came down to meet their fans.

Gaming wasn't at the forefront as all we saw were a Magic the Gathering competition booth... and.. a Saber Tag booth?

Saber Tag

Saber tag is a must try for all Star Wars fans as you get to use Light Sabers to swat your friends in the same manner as sword tag or laser tag. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT.

With each passing year, the hype seems to go up but doesn't live up to expectations. What can they do when the best convention they had was two years ago when Marvel and DC came down. It would be great if there were more emphasis on comics and games but what could they do if this is a product of our own interests? Maybe Singapore doesn't have that much of a true comics interest but then I hope that I am wrong.

When will we get a true Comic Convention?

See you guys next year!!