[SPOILERS] Dr Strange end credits scene(s)


Beware true believers, spoilers for the end credits scenes are abound. Click on something else if you do NOT want to be spoiled but then again why are you even here. Let me start with....

Mid-Credits scene:

Thor is having tea with Dr Strange and informs him that he and loki are looking for their dad, Odin. Of course Thor doesn't drink tea so Dr Strange changes it into a self-refilling beer. Dr Strange knows that Loki is in town. After a short chat, Dr Strange agrees to help as Thor informs Dr Strange hat they will leave for Asgard once they find Odin. (Of course Strange asks him if he'd leave after they find Odin and Thor says yes.)

How does he know that Loki is in town? He keeps track of bad dudes from other realms that might be a threat to his world.

What this means is that Dr Strange will probably appear in Thor for a while. At the start maybe?

End-Credits scene:

Mordo finds Jonathan Pangborn, the dude who influenced Dr Strange to make his road trip to Kamar-Taj.

Pangborn is a paraplegic who uses magic to make his legs function again. This does not agree with Mordo who believes that this is a bad use of magic and renders the spell on the legs null. Mordo of course is all, stop using magic to do stupid shit that is against the law of the physical world. To stop beings who twist things out of their proper state. Stealing power. Perverting Nature.

What this means is that Mordo will be the main bad dude in the future film. Maybe something similar to the current Dr Strange comic story arc where magic is being decimated.