SPLIT -The Sequel to Unbreakable


First off: SPOILERS!!!

Split is a movie about a DID patient who kidnapped 3 young ladies and formed a 24th personality. His 24th personality turns him into an uber strong dude who is basically a villain called, The Horde.

The movie is an awesome thriller which actually ends with a cool 60 seconds scene which lets you know that, "Fuck you. You've been watching a supervillain origin movie". Which is awesome because we finally got that Unbreakable sequel we've been waiting for.

Bruce Willis's character, Dunn, appears at the end to let us know that this is all in the same universe. An unbreakable guy vs a super strong dude? Can't wait.

It will be great to see Bruce Willis in a sequel right beside James McAvoy who brought in all of his acting chops to play Kevin/Barry/7otherPeople. This whole movie works well as a show all showreel for James McAvoy. From portraying a sexy nun to a little 9 year old boy, his breadth of acting is super wide.

What people may like is how the female lead was smart, calculative and manipulative. He back story nicely lays out why she is a loner and her true tragic ending... where she ends up back with her abusive uncle. There are many things to be said but you have to watch the movie for youself to fully understand the layered story behind the girl.

This goes on to show that alot of thought was put into this movie as for once, the characters are somewhat deep (with exception for the two canon fodder), and the story is more linear with a good natural flow. With every shot serving a purpose, it will be sad if you missed anything as every shot does add to the understanding of the story.

All in all, you should watch this as M Night Shamalan FINALLY gets in a decent movie and yes, he is in it as well.