Speculation: TV Shows - The Flash: Who is the Man in the Iron Mask?


man in the iron mask What we do know:

  • He is caucasian
  • His hands are rough, big-ish and old like
  • Blonde Hair
  • Heavy Set body type
  • Has a history with Jay Garrick
  • Someone important
  • Probably is able to tap into the speed force
  • The reveal will be satisfying
  • When Barry vows to free him, the shot is a throwback to when Barry meets his dad in prison


barry prison throwback

Man in the iron mask HAIR

Comment from Kreisberg:

“The identity of the man in the mask is, in some ways, probably an even bigger surprise than this one,” said Kreisberg. “(It) will play out over the rest of the season with some clues being layered in along the way….When you do find out who it is, everything will make sense in a very satisfying way.”

The only way it would be satisfying is if this is the OG Flash:the flash John Wesley Shipp

There has got to be a reason why they showed this.

He will be older and his body build is bigger. Plus, he has blondish hair. He could be from another earth and not Earth-2. If not then Barry's mom would have brought him up when they were talking about having 2 tickets to Atlantis.

Currently, all we know is that there is a high possibility that the Man in the Iron Mask is still Jay Garrick and Zoom is Hunter Solomon.