Speculation: TV Shows: The Flash - Hunter Zoloman is Zoom... Duh


As of 21st February 2016, it has been revealed that Gay Jay Garrick on Earth 1 is actually Hunter Zoloman. Hunter Zoloman Jay Garrick

Holy sheet. You know what that means. He may very well appear as Zoom of Earth 1 in the future.

Hunter Zoloman is Zoom in the comics.

Earth 1 Hunter Zoloman as has been revealed by Jay Garrick is that Hunter Zoloman was adopted by the Zoloman family (eventually) and his name on this world is NOT Jay Garrick.

IF Jay Garrick is actually Zoom then that would mean that he is actually Hunter Zoloman who has taken over the Identity of Jay Garrick who could possibly be the man in the iron mask. Note that in the show, he does have blonde hair poking out of the Iron Mask.

man in the iron mask

Right now, we are not sure if Zoom has killed Jay Garrick. We last saw Zoom's hand stabbing Jay from the back and pulling him back into Earth-2.

The man in the iron mask tapped out "Jay" to pass along a clue to Barry. What if he is really Jay Garrick (who I HOPE is John Wesley Shipp) and the person masquerading as Jay Garrick is actually Hunter Zoloman? And that Earth-1 Hunter Zoloman is really Hunter Zoloman and not some adopted Jay Garrick?

He has stated that he has the need for speed. Zoom has the same goal as well.

The offshoot idea that I have is that the Jay Garrick that we know is actually Edward Clariss, The Rival. This is really digging deep into the Flash lore.

Edward Clariss is/was a scientist who is Jay Garrick's Rival. Just as Reverse Flash was obsessed with Barry Allen, Edward Clariss was obsessed with Jay Garrick. He also created a speed serum.

What was the serum called?

Velocity 9. BAM! What? JAY GARRICK created Velocity 5/6? NO! WRONG! Edward Clariss is the one who created Velocity 9. Does that mean that the Jay Garrick that we know is Edward Clariss?

It would make sense to me that Edward Clariss's doppelganger is Hunter Zoloman. They both share the same kind of speedster backstory. Why the hell not right?

Anyway, the point is that the Jay Garrick that we know is not who he is. He is possibly Hunter Zoloman/Edward Clariss.

i.e: The Jay Garrick that we know is Zoom.

I hope that John Wesley Shipp appears as Jay Garrick. Since he was the OG Flash and Jay Garrick is the OG flash anyway.

the flash John Wesley Shipp

I seriously freaked out when I saw this.