Speculation: TV Shows: The Flash - Flash back - Time Wraith


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KNDRCmonT8 As we have seen in the promo above, what we know is:

  • The Flash will do some 'external time travel'
  • Barry spends too much time in the past, this somehow incurs the wrath of The Time Wraith
  • Barry is in need for Reverse Flash to teach him how to go faster

So we have two questions, what is external time travel and who is The Time Wraith.

External Time Travel:

When Barry travels to the past, he ghosts and takes the place of his past self. This leads him to relive the past and make changes.

External Time Travel means that he will travel to the past and NOT ghost into himself. Making it so that there will be two of him in the past. Basically just visiting the past and take a look see.

Downside is that (judging from the trailer), if you spend too much time in the past then a demon thingie will come after you and KILL YOU.

This could also lead us to speculate that Zoom could be from the future, hence the comment, "This complicate things.". After taking too much Velocity 5/9, Zoom ran back into the past to try to fix things and steal speed force.

WHAT if Jay Garrick is actually an older dude? And Zoom/Hunter Zoloman basically took over Jay Garrick's place.

Maybe this guy?:



Who is the Time Wraith?

What we know is that he is a very speedy demon thing. This just translates to the character being Black Flash.


black flash

The Black Flash is basically Death with superspeed. Coming for speedsters who are suppose to die. His/Her/Its first appearance was in Flash Vol.2 Issue 138.


We can only assume right now that the Time Wraith is the TV Flash's representation of Black Flash:

time wraith black flash 1time wraith black flash 2time wraith black flash 3

Could be a dead speedster stuck in the timestream or speed force? A long dead reverse flash? or a dead Professor Zoom?