Speculation: TV Shows: Marvel's Agents SHIELD -HYDRA


So Marvel JUST ret-conned hydra's origin. Now with their sole purpose of bringing back an ancient inhuman, that changes quite alot of things.

We've discussed who this ancient inhuman was in a previous article. What happens once they actually DO bring him back? Start with the inhumans movie?

I'm guessing that inhumans will join in during the Infinity Wars and this leads to the widespread need to bring all the inhumans together which will lead to the inhuman movie.

Either way, we won't be talking about the inhumans today, that will be for another post. Today, we'll be talking about HYDRA.

In the comics, it all started when Imhotep led a group of Egyptians to fight back a brood invasion. This spurred two secret organizations, The Brotherhood of the Shield and The Brotherhood of the Spear. The fight included the first Moon Knight and Apocalypse.

Needless to say, Brotherhood of the Shield became SHIELD. They were pretty awesome. Read up more in the link above or leave a comment to let us know if you would like us to explain more of the Brotherhood of the Shield.

The Brotherhood of the Spear on the other hand, spread out like wildfire and ingrained themselves into human society. Like a HYDRA? a Multi-Headed beast? HYDRA fully reformed as HYDRA during World War 2, just like the cinematic universe.

So in the cinematic universe, SHIELD grew from the SSR while HYDRA evolved from an ancient sect that dedicated themselves to bringing back the Ancient Inhuman.


Now for HYDRA, here is where they all started (getting this from the TV Show):

When the KREE first created the Inhumans, there was an inhuman who was so powerful that the other inhumans banished him to another planet, presumably the planet is Ego the Living planet based on the two moons and ever changing landscape. They used the Monolith to send that piece of shit to Ego the Living Planet.

For some psychotic reason, a cult was formed and they deemed that the Ancient Inhuman is destined to rule the earth. They reclaimed or claimed the Monolith and has been trying their best to send people to the otherside. Er... they could just KEEP IT OPEN WHILE THEY RESCUE THE GUY. Isn't that what SHIELD did?

I mean honestly, the portal worked both ways. You go in, you come out. Keep it open. Is HYDRA really that incompetent?

So after a long while, World War 2 broke out and the Red Skull rebranded the cult as HYDRA. They got hold of the Tesseract which probably wouldn't have helped them as Ego the Living Planet actually moves around.

And that kids, is the brief history of the Cinematic Universe HYDRA.