Speculation: TV Shows: Marvel’s Agents SHIELD - Ancient Inhuman is actually HIVE?


UPDATE: Showrunners confirms that it is hive.



I'm pretty sure that the ancient inhuman is actually HIVE. (2nd link to read)


Here is what we know of the Ancient Inhuman right now:

  • He is parasitic
  • He is suppose to represent HYDRA
  • He takes over bodies
  • He drives people crazy
  • An enemy of SHIELD
  • He is evil

Similar traits that HIVE has:

  • Parasitic
  • Suppose to physically embody HYDRA
  • Re-animates dead bodies and takes them over
  • An enemy of the SECRET WARRIORS

Against this theory:

  • HIVE is a hive mind (sorta)

For this theory:

  • MCU is know to change or tweak their characters' background.
  • They want to keep Bratt Dolton around and he kinda spilt the beans
  • Hive was a HYDRA agent (sort of...)
  • Hive was a high ranking leader (after he gained his powers)


So the previous theory is debunked...