Speculation: The Flash - TV Zoom is based off The Rival

the-flash-season-2-zoom-rival As we all know now that Zoom is Hunter Solomon. What seems  odd is the fact that Zoom isn't like the Zoom that we know of from the comics, aside from him being Hunter Soloman.

Since he is supposedly from Earth-2, we can assume that Zoom is actually a version of The Rival.


Why do I say that? Mainly because he is Jay Garrick's Arch-Nemesis and that he takes Velocity 9... or 1 or 3. He basically took the Velocity Formula. Additionally, The Rival's face is supposed to look exactly like Jay. (He changed his own fce to match)

and come on:


NOTICE ANYTHING SIMILAR? HMM? Okay. to be fair... Jay Garrick from the comics looks exactly the same.

Mainly because Zoom covers his face in the same way The Rival does.

the-flash-season-2-is-jay-garrick-the-real-villain-via-comic-alliance-615207 Backstory on The Rival in a list:

  • The Rival Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #104 (February 1949).
  • He believes he has recreated the formula that gives Garrick his speed, which he calls "Velocity 9."
  • His version of the formula, however, proves to be temporary, and he is defeated when it is expended.
  • JSA #16 (November 2000) reveals that the Rival battled the Flash several months after his first appearance; in doing so he reaches lightspeed and vanishes into the Speed Force.
  • Looks like Jay Garrick