Speculation: The Flash - Doctor Alchemy


We have a new villain this season and his name is Dr. Alchemy. dralchemy1

Here is a rundown on who he is:

  • Name is Albert Desmond
  • Finds the Philosopher's Stone after going to jail (MAYBE THAT GUY BARRY SENT TO JAIL? THAT GUY ON THE BIKE? HMMMM?!)
  • Uses the Philosopher's Stone to transmute elements
  • Has a twin brother, Alvin Desmond, who he shares a psychic link with
  • His twin brother becomes the second Dr Alchemy.
  • Has a multiple-personality disorder like two-face

There is a new character, Julian Albert, whom we believe is Dr. Alchemy. Albert? What if his full name is Julian Albert Desmond?

Julian Albert is a forensic scientist who is great with chemistry.


What do you guys think?