Speculation: Star Wars - Finn's Mom? (Issue #12)


This is for all of you who have NOT read Star Wars #12 from Marvel. Back in issue #9, we were introduced to Sana ,later introduced in #12 as Sana Starros.

Star Wars 012-018 copy

What is interesting is on page 19, she said, "...Need that money... need it to.."

Star Wars 012-019 copy.jpg

Now, since this is the road to The Force Awakens AND Finn was a Storm Trooper from young. Could this mean that Sana could be Finn's mom? And that Finn's surname could be Starros?

Like Skywalker's original scripted name was Starkiller, why can't Finn's surname be Starros?

Finn Starros.


Stormtroopers were highly trained for sure. Just check out this two pages to see the reveal. He somewhat trained Luke and only to find out that he was a stormtrooper.

Star Wars 012-015.jpg

And see how he kicks ass:

Star Wars 012-016

Star Wars 012-020 copy

Similar to the small scene from a few of the new Star Wars teasers. We soon find out his name, Sergeant Kreel. We were shown that he is VERY adept at wielding a lightsaber.


SO they CAN be trained. Freaking Ace.

Either way, everyone should start reading Star Wars.