Speculation: Movies: Batman V Superman Dream Sequence and Justice League Cameos


This is what we know so far:

  • Wonder Woman is currently an Antique Dealer
  • There will be a dream sequence
  • There will be Justice League cameos

What we can concur is that there will be a chance that Bruce will meet up with Wonder Woman and via a mystical ancient artifact from her Antique collection, he will go through a dream sequence like this:


Our takeaway (including the fact that there will be cameos) is that the Justice League will probably make a short appearance in the dream sequence and in the real world.

It also gives us a hint at what is in store for us in the future Justice League movie:

Darksied. Check out the Omega symbol, which is basically Darksied's logodarksied omegaNot forgetting the parademons:


DO YOU SEE THAT? The winged creatures are parademons.

Warner studios has been very kind as to show quite a lot of things in their trailers and tv spots. This also means that there will be alot more in store in the movie.