Review: Movie: Captain America: Civil War (Spoilers)


Newton's Third Law: With every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. Should we nationalize heroics? Should damages incurred be accountable for?Is there a limit to vigilantism?

Vigilantism is a civilian or organization acting in a law enforcement capacity (or in the pursuit of self-perceived justice) without legal authority.

These questions are regularly raised with opposing views and that is what we got in Civil War.

The basic rundown of the story is two bros who have two opposing views with one bro trying to fight for the freedom of his other bro while the opposing bro is not too happy about it and gets angrier near the end of the movie.

The other way to view this movie is:

12 superheroes punch each other for fifteen minutes with lots of other action before and after.

#TeamCap consists of Captain America (Chris "Not Thor or Star Lord" Evans), Bucky The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan "not The Man Lee"), Sam Wilson The Falcon (Anthony The Mackie), Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) & Hawkeye (Jeremy "should get his own Hawkeye movie written by Matt Fraction" Renner. (& ScarJo later on... sorta.). They fight for the freedom to fight autonomously, meaning that they can fight for what is right straightaway instead of waiting for orders and then go save the world. (You know how the army works, by the time the orders get to you... it WILL BE TOO LATE.)

The ones who believe that they should have someone doing the decision making and registering going on is #TeamIronMan. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a Iron Tony Stark Man), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Black Widow (ScarJo), Black CatMan Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Vision p.k.a Jarvie (Paul Bettany "Jarvis") are all for registering and be put under watch. Oh and Peter Parker as well. Putting a teenager in danger seems like a great idea.

Unfortunately, they are being "played" very weakly by Zemo (Daniel Bruhl). The REAL reason behind his fury is that The Avengers caused the death of his family and didn't give two shits about helping out after all the destruction they caused. The plan was to destroy the Avengers but how do you go about getting rid of them and making them accountable? By destroying them from within, create distrust and make them a contract that will make them accountable in the future.

The portion about using the "other hydra experiments, a.k.a Winter Soldiers" was to bring Cap and Stark in and cause a huge rift between them. This was kind of the part of the movie which makes you go, "Huh. Er... Okay.".

Some people complain that the plan would need many unplanned things to fall into place so that it will come to fruition. The thing is... you don't. It all fell into place nicely if you bothered to keep up with the story. He knows that Winter Soldier is Cap's BFF and that the BFF killed Tony's parents. He knows that pushing the Sokovia Accords forward will keep the Avengers in check. It is just a matter of knowing their character and giving a little push.

The plan ultimately succeeds but doesn't at the same time. Heck, he wanted to kill himself either way but Black Panther stops him as he, Black Panther, finally understands how revenge can destroy you from within. HO! Which is what sets Tony off the cliff when he finds out that Bucky killed his mom and pop near the end of the film.

What doesn't go according to plan is how we end up with TWO Avengers Teams. The registered Avengers and the Secret Avengers.

Not leaving out the other villain, Crossbones, appeared for just 1 scene in the movie. ONE SCENE. Just to steal some virus which the heroes will get back right before the second act. How did he die? By blowing himself up. Unfortunately, knowing that the heroes will try to save people by getting rid of the explosion; Scarlet Witch threw Crossbones into the sky and instead of going straight up, she accidentally threw it into a building which I'm not even sure if there were anyone in it. No really. If you watch the movie, the above and below floors are pretty empty.

"Oh shit. We blew up another building." Isn't that what they do on a daily basis? What is the big shock? This part of the story felt weak to me as there should've been something even more devastating that happened to set off the rest of the story. Like an orphanage blows up? A school maybe? Or a Market Place filled with people?

This explosion sets of an off-screen chain of events which led to the creation of the Sakovian Accords. Naturally things happen and people die. People die and revenge is all one sees in their eyes. In this case, revenge was all Black Panther sees.

Black Panther was awesome. He runs fast, is bullet proof and the acting was so good. There was real character development which is great. Chad Bosewick did a fine job portraying the Wakanda King.

Black Panther is kinda defacto Team Iron Man because he is seeking revenge on the Winter Soldier. Since Team Cap is only a team of three and they need to free Wanda, Hawkeye sprang out of retirement to help them all out. He even brought in Ant-man.

Ant-man was awesome. Great humor. We finally got to see some good upgrades since he now uses a controller on his arm instead of the belt and not forgetting that he had a huge erection. Man. This Ant-man erection was so great. Never have we seen an erected superhero so big on screen before. scene that he grew in size. He did let slip that he only tried it once and it was in the lab... the lab was in the basement right? if he grew big then wouldn't he have WRECKED HANK PYM'S HOUSE? Anyway, the best line from him was from the RAFT where he said "Hank Pym was right. Never trust a Stark" and Tony went, "Who are you?". This scene might have felt like it fell flat and I liked it but not as much as I loved SPOODERMAN!!!

Spider-Man IS FREAKING AWESOME. Not was Awesome. IS FREAKING AWESOME. The first scene that we got with him in it brought so many relevant feels to how people should be held accountable and how Tony could potentially be his future father figure after he picks up Aunt May and cause a further rift between him and Pepper Potts because she will be pissed at Tony for picking up Aunt May and bringing a teenager to dangerous fights. No Pepper means no spice or common moral sense to his brain. Just kidding. Tony won't be dating Aunt May any time soon... I think. I hope Cap does.

Oh wait... and Tony will be paying for his education.

The great part is how we got his whole backstory and character within that scene:

  • He lives with his Aunt and they are kinda poor.
  • His intelligence. He did build his own webbing which Tony was impressed by.
  • His emotional involvement to why he is fighting crime.
  • He is poor... he salvages things and fixes them up. Have you seen his Mac?


You'll see this in his room. Everything in his room screams poor science nerd. I know because my room looked exactly like that when I was way younger. Everything is old, salvaged and invented. Peter Parker here is a creator. Not just an inventor. He creates. Which is something Tony probably greatly admires and will probably treat Peter like a son if he has that, "I wish I had a son" moment. Which is evident at the end of THE EPIC 20 MINUTE FIGHT SCENE.

Man. This scene is right smack in the middle of the movie. If you are late for the movie then do not be any later than 45 minutes because that is the point of the movie where you do not want to miss. This massive fight was very coherent and showed off so many fan service moments. With true "community" like pzazz, it was sprinkled with great humor all around. If I had to nitpick, it would be about how the Vision didn't really do much and Black Widow slowing down Black Panther was kind of weak.

This all leads to the final scene of the final act where we get the best 2V1 fight ever. It was very fast paced and slightly brutal. You can tell that Bucky and Cap are really 1 individual as they fight like... well... beyond a well-oiled machine and basically fighting like 1 individual. Cap never stood a chance. Spoiler: No one won.

If you had a heart then you will feel for Zemo. In a way, he is the anti-hero of the film even though he probably killed... 5 guys? (Oh please. That building that Scarlet Witch blew up was practically empty) Crossbones, T'Challa's dad, that hydra guy and 2 UN guys. The Avengers need to be held accountable for the death and destruction. Thereby making the world a safer place.

Will this lead to Damage Control? Hope so. Someone needs to clean after the heroes.

Cleaning up after themselves is what the Russo Bros probably does the best as the ending was tightly knotted up with the conclusion that there are two sets of Avengers Teams. Team Avenger Public and Team Secret Avengers. Secret Avengers will definitely include Luke Cage in the future. The after credits was awesome.. the last scene where we see the "Spidey Control Screen". Awesome. Definitely so that Stark can call upon him when needed.


Should you watch this movie? Yes. It has an almost amazing storyline, spectacular visuals and sensational acting. Definitely the Ultimate Marvel Movie and a Superior trilogy series.

Saw what I did there? Spidey is the best thing in the movie. Sorry Cap but Spidey is back home.