Movies: Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Things to note

shabbyfrayedantipodesgreenparakeet-1.gif Trying to be spoiler free but... I'll just list it down and if you haven't seen the movie then CLOSE this window or go read something else. REALLY.

Either way, all of these things to note can be deduced from the trailer so well.. this is probably spoiler free anyway.

  1. There is a clone army waiting to be used by Supreme Leader Snookie.
  2. The New Storm Troopers were whisked away when they were super young (just like the Spartans from Halo?)
  3. Alien Species age slower.
  4. R2-D2 powered down to use most of its processing power to find Luke... or map out the freaking Universe (or rather, portions of it)
  5. Sons have to kill their fathers.
  6. Finn is well... he needs lessons in a lot of things. He is just like Cloud from Final Fantasy... dang that just gave everything away.
  7. Storm Troopers hit their targets (for the most part)
  8. Luke took an apprentice who SLAUGHTERS everyone and hence Luke going into seclusion, to hide from the Knights of Ren, Darth Plagueis Supreme Leader Snoke, The First Order and HIS GUILT.
  9. Supreme Leader Snoke looks a lot like Darth Plagueis.
  10. The big bad silver storm trooper appears in like 3 scenes and gets dumped into a trash compactor.
  11. The Wookie goes weak for women.
  12. Chewie will probably adopt Rey.
  13. Can someone heal properly after getting sliced in the back from the lightsaber?
  14. Are there cousins in this story?
  15. Kylo Ren hasn't completed his training in ANYTHING.
  16. There was probably a Jedi Academy.
  17. The rebellion likes to blow everything up.
  18. The First Order likes to blow everything up.
  19. The Dark Side is awesome enough to stop lasers.
  20. Rey is a doe eyed kid who loves the force.
  21. BB-8 is cute and an ass.
  22. BB-8 gave a droid like middle finger to Finn.
  23. Poe is very likely a weak force user. No one can be that good at piloting.
  24. Poe is probably Ben's brother.
  25. Rey is probably Ben's cousin.
  26. I think a Mara Jade character might pop up... but sigh... no. OH WAIT~!
  27. Said apprentice goes all Anakin on everyone.
  28. There are more than 2 Siths in the movie.
  29. There will be more than 3 4 light side force users in the movie.
  30. Rey will probably dip into the Dark Side. She fights like one.
  31. Luke did a Kenobi and didn't tell Ben the WHOLE truth.
  32. Ben wants to be like grandpa but doesn't know that Grandpa went back to the light and only went to the dark to save people. If Ben wanted to finish what grandpa started then maybe he should be looking for Darth Plagueis? HMMM? Bring back everyone from Death.
  33. Harrison Ford got his wish.
  34. Luke = Poe
  35. Han + Luke + Leia = Rey
  36. Han = Finn
  37. BB8 = Douchebag + R2D2
  38. If Ben does know what Grandpa started then maybe Ben will bring his Dad back to Life?
  39. R2D2 has a potty mouth
  40. Han and Chewie are LOADED with Money.

Who is Ben? Read the expanded universe... or watch the movie... or just watch ALL of the trailers.

We have previously mentioned who Finn's mom is.

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