Movies: Ghostbuster 2016

GHOSTBUSTERS-2016-Trailer-1.jpeg Judging from the trailer above, we might have a few familiar scenes that will pay tribute to the original movie such as the ghost librarian meeting. Your basic recycling of the first movie it seems.

The story is set 30 years after the last Ghostbuster movie (or video game...) but will not have the original characters... the OG actors will have roles in the film that are totally unrelated to the OG characters.



In New York, two lady authors meet another lady, creates proton packs and fights ghosts. Along the way, they meet a very loud african american who has the special ability to bitch slap ghosts out of possessed bodies.

They find out the cause of the surge of ghosts appearing and zap the living hell out of everything dead or/and alive. After saving the city, the two lady authors are redeemed as they were initially kicked out of the university they were at. (Kicked out for their book about ghosts and how we can abuse people, even after death)


My personal beef with this is that they have a black lady who is the common citizen. Why can't she be the quantum physics expert? We have a famous astrophysicist who is african american, why can't we have someone who isn't a Caucasian "expert".

For those who did not like the trailer, we will always have fan films:

A special appearance of AVGN in this one as well.