Movies: Dr Strange Teaser Trailer Breakdown


It has been out for a week so here is our breakdown.. sorta...  

  • The intro with Stephen Vincent Strange in a car accident is similar to the comics


  • That voice at the start is the voice of Baron Mordo.. or Mordo... since we're not sure if he is a Baron.
  • Rachel McAdams as Linda Carter... or night nurse.
  • His hands are shaking... letting us know that he can't use them to fap no more.


  • Baron Mordo is walking away with a scroll. A scroll to release Dormammu?
  • We also see the EYE OF AGAMOTTO... or at least the symbol... actually no. it is some random symbol of no real significance.

Eye of Agamotto copy copy

  • This trailer also shows us our first intro to Astral Projection. If you hit anyone directly on the heart, they'll have an out of body experience as well. You'll feel like time has slowed down and you'll experience everything really fast then... comes the excruciating pain. aaaannndd you'll probably need to see a doctor.
  • NOW WE SEE THE MAIN VILLAIN. Who is he? MR RASPUTIN HIMSELF... some minor villain who retires eventually. His eyes are maybe the product of him trying to heal himself? like maybe... from BLINDNESS?

mr rasputin in the movie.jpg

Mr Rasputin's History:

Pavel Plotnick was a distant descendant of the infamous Grigory Rasputin who used his mystical skills to steal military and government secrets around the world. When Dr. Strange sensed his evil magic, he challenged Plotnick to a magical duel, but before he was defeated, Plotnik shot Strange with a gun. He then broke into Strange's Sanctorum to gain Strange's magics, but was defeated by Strange's astral form with the aid of his cloak and the eye of Agamotto.

In the comics, Mr Rasputin... or rather Mr Plotnick as he renames himself in the end, has retired and has a son.

  • Next we see some inception thing... how he travels in 4th dimension. You see... in Agents of Shield, Fitz explained the 4th dimension and how we live in the 3rd dimension and we won't be able to traverse the 4th dimension. To travel between places, you can fold our dimension like paper (basically a current space travel theory) and travel from one place to another quickly.
  • The final shot is of his crib!


Conclusion? What we do know is that the story will take elements from The Oath and his basic origins.

To be honest, I was expecting the trailer to be trippy as hell, loads of colors and your basic acid trip.