Movies: 15 Questions about Batman V Superman

A few questions after watching BvS:

  1. Why was there a horse running around the destroyed Wayne Finance towers? It didn't belong to the police.
  2. Was Batman high when he was having a dream within a dream?
  3. If that second portion was a dream then we shouldn't really take the Flash's cameo seriously.
  4. Is Lex Luthor really working for Darkseid?
  5. Was Lex trying to take Superman down so that humans will be able to fend for themselves?
  6. Batman does detective work but is he really that bad that he didn't look up his employee's character profile to find out that he was being duped? He does character profiles and keeps an eye on every employee he meets anyway. IF this is our Batman.
  7. Wouldn't Batman find it odd that his employee would be able to afford a super expensive wheelchair?
  8. Why doesn't Batman kill? Honestly he doesn't. Everyone dies by proxy. Literally.
  9. Why do people complain that Batman kills? He doesn't outright kill anyone. He just makes sure they all go to hospital... forever.
  10. Was the horse at the beginning actually a New God?
  11. We see the Omega sign. Was there any other New God cameo? Granny Goodness? Metron?
  12. Since when was Jimmy part of the CIA? (He dies at the start)
  13. Why didn't they toss Superman into the sun when he got stabbed by Doomsday? Batman should've noticed it after he survives a NUCLEAR WARHEAD. He revives after the sun molests his face with its rays.
  14. Why doesn't anyone know that Superman doesn't die from getting stabbed?
  15. Why did they bury Superman ALIVE?
  16. (Bonus!) What is the name of the painting in Lex's Study Room?