MCU Ghost Rider: Roberto Reyes


Ghost Rider is now officially part of the MCU! This article will be ongoing as we list down who Robbie Reyes is and how he differs from his comic counterpart. Do let us know in the comments if we left out anything! (We will do up a Who is What is video of Robbie Reyes soon~!)

What we know:

- It seems that he is further down the road and has a balance with his own Spirit of Vengeance - He still has a little brother - He has no penance stare or at least he has not shown it. - He sold his soul (similar to Johnny Blaze. His uncle is the one who possesses him in the comics) - Daisy mentions his uncle but he doesn't seem to have any negative reaction to this so his Spirit of Vengeance is legit. Unlike the comics, he was/is possessed by his Satanist uncle hence his different type-set of powers compared to the regular ghost riders.

Other things to be shown: - His Satanist uncle. - Battle with Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch. - Flaming Chain - PENANCE STARE - Previous Ghost Riders - Mephisto - Spirit of Vengeance

Speculation: He has sold his soul to save his brother (similar to Johnny Blaze's storyline, where he sold his soul to save his adopted father from cancer who dies from another cause anyway) He has been doing this for a while. He has met Mephisto and WILL go up against him in the future. Meeting Stephen Strange. JOIN THE DEFENDERS.