Marvel Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 1 Review


[embedyt][/embedyt] The First episode of Agents of Shield Season 4 came around and it was... meh.

They introduced Roberto Reyes (whom we will do a video on soon) and it seems like he has conquered his vengeance demon, who is suppose to be his satanist uncle, and has gained control over it. One reason I think so is because his brother is not that young anymore and he seems to not have any "oh no I can't control myself" thing going on.

The whole story seems to be pointing to how the Team is always going against the system and it is obvious that the band will get back together at some point in the future with Robbie Reyes in tow.

Simmons is now at a higher rank compared to May so that plays into the dynamics now that May understands/knows the intention of Simmons trying her best to be the right hand man of the new Director. While Simmons is being all Boss Simmons, Fitz finds out that his best science soccer bro has created or rather... is creating an LMD. Something that I hope gets into the upcoming Infinity War with Nick Fury using a whole legion of LMD.

Overall, the episode was not that bad and I do hope that the next episode will flesh more of the Ghost Rider.