Captain America's HYDRA | Nick Spencer Interview | STGCC 2016


As we all know by now, Steve Rogers, Captain America, is now a secret HYDRA agent after having his childhood memories tempered by Kobik. Kobik

From the interview above, we have confirmation that Steve Rogers subscribes to a different kind of HYDRA. An old age HYDRA compared to the Red Skull's Nazi HYDRA which is all evil. It will be interesting to see how this form of HYDRA would butt heads against Red Skull's version of HYDRA.

Steve's HYDRA is all about standing up for the little people, grouping together and fighting for better lives for themselves. Sounds pretty relate able right? This version of HYDRA is the old school HYDRA, albeit being bad guys and butting heads with old school SHIELD.

Red Skull's HYDRA is all about world domination and reshaping the world in his image.

What about Kobik? Also revealed in the interview (you guys should watch and share it.), Kobik's story will be followed through in the Thunderbolts ongoing which is sweet. There is also a connection with Kobik and the Beyonder in the sense that they both used to be cosmic cubes.

Knowing this, we can speculate that Steve will DEFINITELY butt heads with Red Skull over different ideologies of HYDRA. Following that, will probably have his memories fixed by Kobik after Bucky does his "hey be a good kid and help fix that old man." thing on Kobik.

The interview in case you guys missed it: [embedyt][/embedyt]